Monday, 13 June 2011

EDO Japan (sukiyaki beef)

So here i am on a sunday waking up at 12 like usual slightly hung over and not wanting to cook. Luckily there's a bunch of fast food places close by so i chose edo. It's pretty much the most basic thing you can get in terms of asian food, some grill steamed veggies and beef served over rice but i really only go there for the sauce. What is that teriyaki? I drown it in that stuff. While it satisfied the urge i had atm it's really nothing special and i couldda easily made it at home. What up with calling it a combo if it only comes with  drink? shouldn't there be a 3rd item involved? You can "sumosize' it for a nominal charge and add shrimp and spring rolls too but that adds up real quick and is definitely not worth it. Final word from me on this place is not  good one so let's just leave it at that.
Give it a try and post what you think
Also i heard a rumour that it was created by a German guy, i'm not saying i believe that but it's just something i heard.

Tip o the day: Instead of going to the gym go swimming you'll burn way more calories that way. Also squats and deadlifts will pack on muscle more efficiently than any other exercise.


  1. Never really liked chinese, but Like you're tip of the day. I love swimming.

  2. I always tell my friends swimming is better than going to the gym but they don't believe me. Nice review.

  3. I should start swimming more often.