Saturday, 23 July 2011

Coming back soon

Hi guys i have recently realized that i need to retool the entire concept of my blog, couple that with being sick and i really don't feel like blogging much lately. I'll have some reviews ready in the near future. In the meantime i'd just like to say that The Simpsons is my favorite show on TV and it's also the longest running animated series. in history.

Tip of the day: Eat more complex carbs instead of starchy foods like ramen, you'll have more energy during the day and can function better

Movie pic: flame & citron - the story of 2 covert resistance fighters during WW2. Great movie 85%

Friday, 15 July 2011

Clover Leaf Flaked Light Tuna

What separates this product from other canned tuna? In this mini 85g can there's 4 grams of fat and 16 grams of protein give or take depending on the flavour you choose which is quite a decent ratio for all you un(health)conscious snackers out there. Granted most regular tunas do not contain any fat, it's a small price to pay for something that  tastes like a bag of Doritos and you can eat it straight outta the can, add in a soft peelable top and you got something great to add into your bag lunch. The price is a little bit sketchy (about a dollar each) but then again how much is a bag of chips ehhhhh. So grab yourself a stick of gum for afterward and enjoy this snack on the go.

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Tip o the day: Never tell car rental places that you're going out of state, otherwise they will charge you interstate travel taxes, also tell them to let you use your own insurance if you have it, you'll save about 30$ this way

Movie o the day: The Lincoln Lawyer. I forgot that Matthew McConaughey was an actor until i saw this. Very American very decent flic 70%

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

KFC - it's Tuesday n*gga!

I'm never very impressed when go to KFC partially because it's just fried chicken which gets boring after a few pieces and partially because of the poor service. Is it just this city or does every KFC serve up some attitude with their fries, which are the bomb btw and with gravy UNSTOPPABLE! <insert homer drool here> Back to complaining, why do i have to ask for ketchup, pay for mayo and beg for hotsauce? I like to drown my fries in goo as much as the next guy .... nah probably more but is that any reason to get a weird look? Yes 10 packets of goo for a large fries if not more, but never at a KFC have i ever been offered more than 5 and they sure are stingy on the napkins considering they're a restruant known for its greasy good times. Point is I shouldn't have to pay a quarter for mayo or hold up the line to get enough ketchup.
The real scam is the toonie tuesday special which used to be 1.99 and now is 3.00 after tax but i still see lineups out the door for this crap. I wonder if these people even go there on a different day because i do and i swear the chicken tastes better on any other day. If i was the manager i'd sell the crap chicken on a Tuesday too, there's obviously less chance of backlash.
Having said all that i still enjoy this place once in a while, their fries and gravy are pretty damn great and idk of any other places that sell decent fried chicken.

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Tip o the day: If you need to cheat on your gf come up with a fake name and use your middle name as your last name (in case you do have an encounter with her and your main gf) use a fake email and phone number
If you're gonna do it do it right 007

Movie o the day: food inc.

Monday, 13 June 2011

EDO Japan (sukiyaki beef)

So here i am on a sunday waking up at 12 like usual slightly hung over and not wanting to cook. Luckily there's a bunch of fast food places close by so i chose edo. It's pretty much the most basic thing you can get in terms of asian food, some grill steamed veggies and beef served over rice but i really only go there for the sauce. What is that teriyaki? I drown it in that stuff. While it satisfied the urge i had atm it's really nothing special and i couldda easily made it at home. What up with calling it a combo if it only comes with  drink? shouldn't there be a 3rd item involved? You can "sumosize' it for a nominal charge and add shrimp and spring rolls too but that adds up real quick and is definitely not worth it. Final word from me on this place is not  good one so let's just leave it at that.
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Also i heard a rumour that it was created by a German guy, i'm not saying i believe that but it's just something i heard.

Tip o the day: Instead of going to the gym go swimming you'll burn way more calories that way. Also squats and deadlifts will pack on muscle more efficiently than any other exercise.

Saturday, 28 May 2011


Today i ate a footlong cold cut combo at subway and it was delicious. Five dolla footlongs forget about it, how can you go wrong with that? It was so loaded with toppings that i could only eat half in one sitting. I've been going to subway for years and i noticed that in the past i had trouble loading up my sandwiches with toppings (i like it so it can't close) but recently it seems they have changed their policy and let me go wild. So i'd have to say i'm a pretty regular customer there. I'm almost always satisfied with the service which isn't common when eating at alot of fast food places.

All in all Subway gets my vote.
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Here's your tip of the day
If you're paying for internet and text messaging on your iphone drop the texting. You can use your email to send text messages to someone using or etc...